Your taste in music is terrible.

Just sayin. Phone Post

You're taste in music, imo. Phone Post

LOL @ YOU making this thread!  Just, LOL...

You're tasting music, imo.

Right Hand JO Power - You're taste in music, imo. Phone Post

orly? Phone Post

foggybottom - Agreed. Phone Post

:) Phone Post

Fighting -

Fuck.You.  You don't know me.

No. FU! Phone Post

rufus -

LOL @ YOU making this thread!  Just, LOL...

;) Phone Post

Mookie Blaylock -

You're tasting music, imo.

is that what that is? Phone Post

I've pretty much given up on music. If I'm in the car it's talk/sports radio typically and I never have any radio/music playing when I'm at work or home.

dork <--- re LINK

sings, HOTEL California...

JuicedBeast - FU Brittney is talented! Phone Post

She's toxic. Phone Post

Some buddy played this for me the other night and I'd never heard it before.  


I also watched Project X and thought it was awesome.  


Maybe because at parties with pools I'd jump into them from the roof.


What do you think?



I haven't been able to taste music in a few years.. Phone Post 3.0





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Rush and the Tragically Hip were two amazing Canadian bands too.


I loved that shit and ate it for breakfast lunch and dinner before I discovered rap, and the Hip well beyond falling in love with rap.




rushinbear - sings, HOTEL California...

I had a cassette as a little kid.  One side was The Eagles Hotel California and the other side was Dr. Hook and his Medicine Band, recorded off of albums.


I played that cassette to death.