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#1 Fedor Emelianenko (Judo/Sambo): 17-1.
Current PRIDE Heavyweight Champion, RINGS Absolute & Heavyweight Champion.

#2 Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira (Gracie Jiu jitsu):
Current PRIDE Interim Heavyweight Champion, ex-PRIDE Heavyweight Champion, WEF 8 Heavyweight Champion, RINGS "King of Kings" '01 32-man tournament Champion
& '99 Brasileiro Champion.

#3 Josh "the Baby-faced Assassin" (AMC Pankration):
Current 2x Open-Weight "King of Pancrase", UFC 36 Heavyweight Champion & SuperBrawl 13 Heavyweight Champion.

#4 Tim Sylvia (Miletich Fighting System): 16-0.
Ex-UFC Heavyweight Champion, EC 47 Heavyweight tournament Champion & SuperBrawl 24 Heavyweight 16-man tournament Champion.

#5 Mirko "Cro Cop" Filopovic (Kickboxing): 9-2-2.

#6 Pedro "the Rock" Rizzo (Ruas Vale tudo): 14-5.
3x UFC Heavyweight #1 Contender, WVC 2 Champion, WVC 3 "Superfight" Champion & 4x Brazilian Muay thai Champion.

#7 Ricco Rodriguez (Machado Jiu jitsu): 14-4.
UFC 39 Heavyweight Champion, 2x KOTC Heavyweight Champion, Extreme Cage 2 4-man tourney Champion & Abu Dhabi World Submission Wrestling '98 Heavyweight Champion.

#8 Frank Mir (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu): 7-1.

#9 Andre Arlovski (Sambo/Kickboxing): 6-3 (8-3).

#10 Heath "the Destroyer" Herring a.k.a "the Texas Crazy Horse" (Wrestling/Muay thai): 24-9 (39*+-9).
WVC 9 Champion & PRIDE-17 Heavyweight #1 Contender.

I believe that is a very solid list, I am thinking of dropping Mirko a notch or so after last night, and Rizzo will move up 1 if he wins vs. a decent opponent next month. I know a lot of people will cry that Arlovski should be higher but his overall record isn't that great and he did lose decisively to Rizzo & Ricco

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LOL @ Schilt in the Top 10.












Randleman and Ninja I would still rank at 205...we don't know what they'll do from here on out. It's real tricky trying to decide which weightclass to rank some people in, especially with Pride and their lack of weightclasses.

agreed I rank Randleman at LHW his win last night put him back in top 10 LHW (at #10)