Your top 10 OG members.

These are the top ten members on the OG.  These are in no particular order.

I have spoken with Kirik and he has asked me to let you know that if your name is not on this list then you need to start pulling your weight. 

  1. TheSergeK
  2. Duckhuntgangsta
  3. BenBJJ
  4. MOTPH
  5. SoupNazi
  6. Hunter Thompson’s .45
  7. Pilot201
  8. Microbiologynerd
  9. EatonBeever
  10. Sagiv Lapkin


1-10. Charles Barkley Phone Post

MindBottling - 

1-10. Charles Barkley Phone Post

fair point he does wild each it.

But seriously ... MindBottling ... pick up your game kid.