Your top five MMA legends

Mike Pyle


Martin Kampmann

Phil Baroni

Justin McCully

They make dreams come true!

Wow, tough list...

1) Fedor - best eva period end of sentence

2) Sak - revolutionized what people thought was possible in a fight

3) Royce - don't like him myself, but repect is due

4) Bas - his interview of Heath Herring alone qualifies him for this list

5) Igor - for showing the world what pudgy Russians can do

Kying - very disturbing answer

My list is
1) Sak
2) Fedor
3) Hendo
4) BJ
5) CroCop

Well these may not be Legends Yet but my top five fighters are, well the number order doesn't matter but here we go.

  1. Michael Bisping - For telling everyone to watch there fucking back.

  2. Nick Diaz - For his great ground game and Stand up game.. Also cuz he took the Fire Ball kid out..

  3. St. Pierre - Because St. Pierre will bounce back and dominate the Welterweight division. His loss was just a bump in the road.

  4. Rashad Evans - For the Whooping hes about to lay down on Tito Ortiz.

  5. Eddie Alvarez - Because this loss to Nick Thompson will only make him stronger. Also if Eddie can drop to 155 I can see him dominating a lot of people with his pure speed.

In no particular order
1. Nick Diaz - I guess I've always loved watching a fighter who talks shit, but can bring it too. It's entertaining and I mean that's one of the main reasons I watch MMA. I want to be entertained. It's also fun to watch them mature as a fighter and a person and although we don't see Nick maturing as a person just yet... his fighting sure has.

  1. Tito Ortiz - once again it goes with the same territory as what I stated for Nick Diaz. Although this fighter seems to have lost his edge in fights. He is still an incredible fighter and should be recognized as one. Nothing was more exciting then watching him go back and forth with the Lion's Den. Then to watch him on TUF was great too... I was utmost impressed with his training style and his heart for the fighters.

  2. Fedor - There is just something about him that goes further than just his incredible fighting ability. Even his interviews are absolutely incredible. Many fighters with an undefeated record I usually cheer to lose. But, this will never be the case with Fedor nor do I think it will ever happen. (granted if he retires before age takes its toll).

  3. George St. Pierre - Another amazing fighter and even better interviewer. (Minus the English barrier) I enjoy his humble and modest attitude 24/7. You never hear an excuse for a loss and you near hear show boating for a win. If I fought St Pierre and lost, I know he would say something that would make me feel better than if I had actually won. Kudos to St. Pierre.

  4. Joey Knockdown Brown - He's just the man.


lol @ don frye being all rounded

1-Royce Gracie

2-Jim Brown,gave the early U.F.C.'s a validation,by being an announcer.(I know not a fighter)

3-Ken Shamrock

4-Randy Couture

5-Tito Ortiz(carried the torch,through some tough times,but he's still an ass.)

Royce Gracie - For getting this whole thing started. Proving that a little guy can beat a big guy.

Marco Ruas - First fighter to bring the whole package.

Randy Couture - Beating the odds, HW Champ x2, LHW champ x2 plus brings class and respect to the game.

Fedor - so dominant, who can beat him? Greatest HW of all time!

Matt Hughes - His dominance at his weight for so long has to put him in the same class as the above 4.

Honorable Mention in order: Sakuraba, Vanderlei Silva, Dan Henderson

fedor randy saku bjpenn henderson

I'm not his biggest fan but Randy has got to be at the top of everyones list.

Royce - he did build the house

Ken - aside from being a marketable face, he was the best American fighter at one point, and he built the first real American stable

Sakuraba - look up the word "overachieve" in the dictionary

Couture - as said, respect & class, and world class caliber wrestling

Fedor - everything that's been said, plus class

honorable mention: Wandy, CroCop, Nog, Hughes, Chuck


fedor for showing why this sport is great

nick diaz for his attitude

liddell for his ko's

randy coture for the memories

big nog for his prowess on the ground.

and no im not a noob and im greatful to the gracies but what they did have nothing on what these guys are doing. also i just like diaz's spirit. he would rather die than bow down




Rumina Sato


lol at the names Nick Diaz and George St. Pierre being mentioned on a thread about MMA legends....

In no order Ken Shamrock, Dan Severn, Don Frye, Mark Coleman and Sakaurba.

(1) Carlson Gracie Sr

(2) Rickson Gracie

(3) Randy Couture

(4) Sakuraba

(5) Fedor

Royce, Sakuraba, Tank, Coleman, Shamrock. Honorable mention-Liddell, Wanderlei, Igor, Couture, Ruas, Fedor, Frye. Tough to pick only 5.

i told you why i like nick diaz and some of his shit is legendary(throwing shoes at people and fighting at the hospital) so fuck you kockrot