Your training augmentation or recovery methods...

As I finish up training and plan to head to my usual recovery place I figured I'd see if anyone else uses a Russian Banya, or if not what you use to recover. Banya became UG famous with the pics of Fedor and his team in the Russian Sauna with oak leave clusters, which is called "platza". They beat you with these after they've been soaking for many hours. It's truly incredible. There are 3 saunas, steam sauna, Turkish and then Russian being be hottest of the 3 at 190 degrees.

You then jump in the ice plunge to bring your temp back down, repeat for 2-3 hours and you leave feeling exhausted but amazing. I highly recommend Banya to any training routine. My favorite one is on the PA/NJ border but the one here in San Fran is really awesome too, but a bit on the higher end. Although one side is clothing optional here in San Fran which definitely shows the San Fran women are pretty fucking hot... Phone Post

I like to use Ketamine for recovery

TTT Phone Post

Epsom salt baths, contrast showers and sauna/ice baths are all awesome

I sleep in a giant tub of crisco

see but my ketamine can be used for 2 different purposes

1st being to shorten recovery time

2nd date rape