Your tricks to get a puppy to stop biting/chewing.

it's different with each dog, but pretty much any dog will get destructive if it's bored

my dog(who is usually a lazy turd) pushed the Christmas tree across the room so he could lay in the spot where the tree was. It was the only spot in the room that had sun coming thru the window.

Bitter apple spray works wonders. Also, teach them the off or no biting command. Takes time but helps. Phone Post 3.0

Chew toys, get her different bones and soft toys to chew on.

Also when they chew or bite on your hand stop doing what you're doing, you can grunt at them to show it isn't acceptable, and act like it kind of hurt. Then if you were playing stop playing, that's how puppies stop each other from biting, they won't play with the other one that is biting.

Also you should be monitoring a dog that age at all times pretty much.

TheSergeK - 

Puppys chew.

Get her a bunch of toys to chew on. If she tries chewing something else, put the toy right in the puppies mouth. They need to chew to help their puppy teeth come out. 


Keep plenty laying around so you can replace it for your hand in the little razor toothed mouth

Gforce - Chewing you or objects? A fake yelp (you can get a recording of one on your phone and play it) and then IGNORING HER for about five minutes can really do wonders for a hand biter. If you were playing with her, the toy goes on top of the refrigerator, and you go back to your business.

Puppies HATE being ignored--it's worse than a beating for them.

This approach works....

...with very, very few dogs.