your TUF predictions?

It is really hard to make predictions since we don't know what the layout will be....but here is my best guess.

205 Division

I honestly don't think any of the guys in the division can beat Forrest Griffin or Bobby Southworth. However I think Griffin will be the man standing at the end.


Nathan Quarry is a bit of an unknown but believe me he is a MAJOR contender on this show, and has some really good submissions to go along with his hands and wrestling skills. Diego Sanchez is also another guy that has serious skills. Don't know a lot about K Flow other than he is a legit jiujitsu bad ass and I have heard he has some good thai boxing as well.

Final predictions.

205 = Forrest Griffin

185 = Nathan Quarry or Diego Sanchez

I haven't seen enough of the light heavyweights to make a good guess.

but in the middle weights so far I like Quarry and Leben to be finalists.

MW = Diego Sanchez, Chris Leben or Josh Koshcheck
LHW = Forrest Griffin, Bobby Southworth or Sam Hoger