Your view on alt coins?

The alt coins have really been on a tear lately. If you had a bitcoin at the top and sunk it into one of the top alt coins like litcoin or ripple you'd have 2 hookers with 2 lines of coke.

Short term I think they are a great play, I can see them going up for a little while more but when they come down I expect them to come crashing down relative to bitcoin, which may crash hard again.

At least with bitcoin it is recognized as a currency in a few countries and a few merchants accept it as payment. What do you do with an alt coin other than stick it to another sucker for more money? Its like if I made a Tim Duncoin and it went from 8 cents a coin to a buck, you cant do anything with it other than sell it to some other guy, hopefully before the music stops.

I'm by no means an expert, but if I was gonna do anything, I'd invest a little disposable income into alt coins & day trade the shit out of it.

I think one has to read and research the coin to see what the tech is and if it has a real world application. I had a ton of different alt coins but consolidated down to 2 or 3 that I actually thought could be useful. So far they have been profitable.

Two hookers with two lines of coke sounds awesome. 


And tbh, I think bitcoins time will come, and an altcoin will replace it. Bitcoin is the coin that broke out first, I do not think it is the most efficient coin and I believe that will be it's downfall. I mean, $40 per transaction? Really? I am not sure which coin will take it's place, but bitcoin is heavy and flawed. I do think cryptocurrencies will take off, the question is which one. I play altcoins like penny stocks. Buy hundreds when they are worth pennies and hope one of them takes off. 

Personally I think the blockchain is not sustainable, it uses too much electricity, resources, and is too slow to be used as money. All the blockchain coins will eventually go to zero and people will turn off their computers or charge 10% per transaction.