Your warm up routine...?

So as I'm asking in the boxing forum about their warm up routines...I'm interested in yours UG.

What's your warm up routine in MMA, BJJ or whatever...

I try to mix it up a little bit.
Usually we do some mixing of

Skipping the ropes
Those diving know, that clinching game.

What's yours? Phone Post 3.0

I do some foam rolling and some dynamic flexibility (moving joints through range of motion) and then take a massive shit. I'm usually sweating by the end of that, trust.

Jogging 3 minutes
Forward roll x2
Backward roll x2
Cartwheels x2
Walking on hands x2
Jogging 3 minutes
Sprints x5
Jogging 3 minutes
Shrimps x2
Stand-ups x2
Jogging 3 minutes
One twos x2
Front kicks x2
Knees x2

Should take about 20 minutes total. Phone Post

. Phone Post

A hot shower.