"You're missing a chromosome!"

I'd have to say the beatdown was deserved. Noah should probably have thought that through a bit more.

Do you think he is going to make Noah cry harder than Andy?

I can't see anything

Not harder, just longer.

Hell Noah, Andy, and the 1st guy who lost and GAbe need to leave.

I loved it. Tony was dead nutz on to handle that kid.

It amazes me how young they are and think they know so much. Not many seem to absorb all the experience that surrounds them at the top level.

dude was an assclown plain and simple

Tony does look like a caveman... I'm just saying..............

I don't think Noah intended to "talk shit" and Tony may have taken it too personally, but the fact is that Tony is there to train these guys and help them improve and is obviously taking his job seriously. Noah wasn't taking it seriously and Tony took offense and wore his ass out. I dunno why Noah was so upset. I mean, it's not like Tony popped his elbows and then choked him unconscious. You'd think being a marine, Noah would be used to someone working him like a dog while berating/humiliating him.

I just think Noah had trained differently before that. I think he learned something on the show.... Noah is a good kid and was just having fun. He at least came to fight unlike Gabe.... 

he deserved that beatdown.

Tony looks to be a class act and do not deserve to be insulted by a child

c'mon guys, you have to admit that "dude, you're missing a chromosome!"
is pretty funny....

It was pretty funny.

It was funny but when you are on the mat with someone that can tie you in knot it's not the best time to talk shit. That is like being a bald white guy and going to the hood houting the N word

Yeah see the problem is Tony has probably heard allot of the same shit before and this time decided to show who the master is. I thought it was a great lesson. Good work Tony!!

That was the best part of the show!

Cholitzu has more of a fighte in him than 100x gabes.

"I'm 25 years old, ain't nobody gonna tell me how to learn stuff. I already know how to learn stuff."

by the time i was 25 i had already traveled the world, hiked the himalayas, peaked mt. rainier, fought for my life in a bar in northern india, worked for the government and thought i knew a lot more than the average person. now that i'm 36 all i can say with CERTAINTY is that i didn't know shit when i was 25.

edited because i suck at typing

"now that i'm 36 all i can say with CERTAINTY is that i didn't know shit when i was 25."

I'm 34 and agree with this post.....

This is the MARTIAL ARTS and that little crybaby faggot got all butt sore cause his Sensei worked him over?

This country is breeding generation after generation of soft pussies like a car factory.

Everybody's crying

Everybody thinks they have something coming to them

Everyone's "A Warrior" like Andy Wang and Danny Abaddi

gimme a fucking break already.

Noah is a US Marine and has served his country so in my mind being that I'm former militray he is a Warrior....

He is also young and I'll forgive him for some of his joking..

I'm a big supporter of the military but being a marine he should know to RESPECT someone of a higher rank. What he pulled on Tony AFTER he got worked over would have had him cleaning fucking toilets for a month if he did that to his superior. FACT.

The joking is not really my issue with his behavior.