Youth League for "MMA"

After almost two years of struggling to be legally regulated in California, Youth Pankration is back. The sport is now regulated by the United States Fight League who administers and oversees the strict licensing requirements for coaches, athletes and officials for the state of California.

The USFL is seeking qualified officials to become referees and coaches in this booming sport which is a close cousin to wrestling.

We are not the UFC, Bellator or what you think MMA is! We have taken a unique approach and turned a so-called "Taboo" sport it into one that is fun and relatively safe for kids.

We can't do this alone. Due to the increasing demand for events we need more qualified referees, inspectors and especially coaches!

Click on this link to see we are doing with these great kids:

Learn what Youth Pankration is and why the USFL is different......

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