Youth MMA gaining momentum in California

Since becoming a regulated activity, the State of California held 327 youth bouts. Of the 654 athletic exposures only 11 received injuries. A broken arm, fractured finger and clavicle being the most serious of the 11 injuries. No concussions were detected by the ringside physicians who evaluate each fighter pre and post bout. Coaches are required to complete a criminal back groundcheck and pass online exams pertaining to health and safety. Fighters must provide proof of age. complete and annual sports physical as well as pre and post bout medical evaluations. 


Professional fighters like Aaron Pico, Joseph Morales, Angelo Trevino, Christian and Angela Lee started fighting in the USFL as children, now as a regulated sport with many more competition opportunities 13 years olds of today will have 50 plus youth bouts before their first adult amateur match. 




These videos are from one of the USFL promoters in Sacramento 


That's awesome. I wish my youngest daughter was even the slightest bit interested, I'd have her in classes already.