Youth & Scholastic Championships?

Are the Collegiate Nationals incorporated in that mix?

That is Lou Moyerman's son Adam that won the -73 and named outstanding player?

Is West Point's David Burris bronze @ -60 related to Pat?

Speaking of West Pointe it seems like they have a heckuva judo team placing 2nd behind SJS.

Digging U of Chicago frosh Alex Murray (from Michigan) taking bronze @ -81.


Waiting to hear from Jim on how Alex's matches went. He also fought 81K IJF Juniors. Last year I posted (USJF Junior Nationals)on this Porras kid out of FL. He is the real deal with slick judo and only 15 yrs old. Recently saw him fight at the Midwest where he won the juniors and took 3rd in the Seniors behind RJ.
Big write-up on his vistory over Nick Delpopolo this weekend in IJF 73K.

The Collegiate Nationals were incorporated into the mix. The turnout for the tournament was not so great. Some divisions only had 2 or 3 contestants.  Its unfortunate that  this tournament was not held

in a city near a major airport.

 Our student, Allison Clifford won her 2nd Collegiate Judo Championship this weekend. This year she only had one other contestant in her division. She is training at SJSU, and is a sophomore. She was also a 3x US Open Champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu prior to going to SJSU.

Here are links to pictures of her.

The Orange County Judo Training Center would like to congratulate Allison,
and we are very proud of the progress she has made at SJSU.


The Team
Orange County Judo Training Center

OC Judo.. congrats on Allison Clifford's win.. she is working her tail off and deserves the W's.

i knew the event was going to be small simply becuase of location. i understand why they felt the need to include all school ages and change the event in that manner.

i think that next year, once people adjust to the idea of the event and it is held in a larger city, that it will really take off and be a very large event.

i am waiting to see how the JA anf JF Jr. Nationals pan-out this summer now that they are not able to award any points for the Jr. National teams... i bet it doesnt make any difference for the vast majority of the kids below ages 13.

I say that congrats to everyone that would make the trek up to Wisconsin.
I was hoping to see Josh Resnick, since that is his world. As Californian I
froze my butt off.

I want to congratulate Anthony Dariano from SJSU who has been doing
Judo for 6 months with me and been doing Jujitsu with David Camarillo at
AKA. He took a bronze at 66kg and then won the novice division on

Congrats kid