YouTube banned me ?.

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YT banned me too because I kept making comments mocking BLM.


What did they take issue with?

Some details would help move this thread along


Tell us what you were putting on there cocksucker!

youtube has bots that automatically deletes comments. i will make a comment then 5 seconds late it will disappear. to work around you have to spell certain words different.

for instance if you say “global warming is a myth”, you type glOb@l warming


This. CONTEXT faggot OP.


They also only show thumbs up numbers only now and not dislikes. This is for political reasons. They are doing it to try and suppress the data of wildly unpopular leftist bullshit being radioed. Like the White House, for example…


Let me save you all some time, gentlemen.


Not true. That gay chorus video got ratioed like a mother fucker just a couple days ago. It was something insane like 116/7,400 like/dislike.

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It was changed a couple days ago. Videos look like this on my phone, PC, tablet, and laptop.

That’s on your end bro.


That is odd as I didn’t change any setting. It just started doing that a few days ago.

I notice now you aren’t logged in. Can you check if you can still view the dislikes logged in?

They were planning on getting rid of dislikes because the Biden videos kept getting downvoted into hell. I remember reading the comments and they were 99% negative lol

YouTube is strange though as they’ve tried to get Dennis Prager channel taken off. Prager is about as safe as you can get in terms of content

Im stillwirjing on my Million dollar youtube channel!

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I just said I want too do that skateboarding ?. .

Logged in.


Very odd. Not sure why that changed on me. It happened a few days ago. I have to look to see where the setting is to change it back but I for sure didn’t mess with anything and figured it was a universal YT platform change. Weird.