You've Been Served!!!!!

I was going to make a comic strip of the saga, but the proof speaks for itself.

For those of you who know, know.

As for the whining, crying, lying baby STFU and man up already.

Anyone involved feel free to voice your opinion.

Bluenamers Please Help.....

Exhibit 1:

Exhibit 2:

so what like you guys got free porn or something?

For the MRS.......

Exhibit 1:

Exhibit 2:

so you guys did get free porn.


 It was me you guys. I am wrong you are right tiff. I am sorry.

what do all those black boxes and bars mean?

seems like a major waste of printer ink.


nothing like shoving the remote up your ass when you mad. WTF is wrong with that kid

yeah i know he didnt even bother to plastic wrap it.

yeah i know he didnt even bother to plastic wrap it.

no more excuses for not training. LOL!

That is one of the funniest things I have seen in a while. That's why I don't play video games I guess.

I value my shoes and remote.

if that was my kid, i'd kill him myself just to ensure he didn't pollute the fukin gene pool.

he needs an ass-beat, his parents need an assbeat, his family line needs eradicating. Fuk, i'd rather be a micro than a faggot like him.

I'm in the "I don't know." category so I don't know but that video was ridiculous.

I heard a story awhile ago from a family court friend.

Single father and his son, mom either not in the picture or dead.

This father was in the military, his kid was the devil incarnate, doing everything and anything that was against the law. Trouble was, he was 16 when the behavior started and everytime he got busted, the police would make the father pick him up and go to counseling. Year in and year out.

The father, goes to all the counseling as ordered and then some. He tells the cops, "My kid is beyond control. Because the law says I can't hit him anymore, because he will not stay home when grounded and because he does not even listen to police or his family court p.o., what do you guys want me to do?" The police says try family counseling. He tries, kid bails from counseling, beats the dad home, packs some crap and runs away.

The father makes the police report for runaway and beyond parental control. Days go by, weeks and then the father finishes his 20 years of military service and looks for the kid on the streets during his release from the military.

Finally he sells his house and bails Hawaii.

The kid, runs out of money, gets tired of living on the streets and turns himself in. The father cancelled his cell phone and the kid is locked up at DH for an extended term. Police finally track the father down and puts the kid on the phone.

The kid tells the father "Why did you abandon me? Come back to Hawaii. Where am I going to live?" The father tells the kid, "You don't listen to me. You break the law. You want to live your life by your own rules. Well, good luck. Get a job and pay your own rent for your own place. I give up." hangs up.

Police try to get the father for abandonment since he won't pay for the plane ticket to send the kid to live with relatives but the prosecutor's office say no. The kid is almost 18 and by the time Court comes he will be of legal adult age.

Kid is sent to foster home for runaways where I am told he is beaten up on the first week of his stay. He is begging for services and wants to get his high school diploma now. Hahaha.

jjmtg, great story. I have NO sympathy for little Cockf@ggoty kids like that.

Karma and Justice.

Kid wanted to be a man? then be a man and man up.


For the last FOUR MONTHS you have been bad mouthing me and my husband (who only tried to censor me from being more of a D*CK to you).

Funny how you always double talk and tell people to feel bad for the little Panda. But in actuality you do it to yourself and then try to make people feel bad for you.

If you want to make appologies then you should appologise to the people that had to listen to your persistent nagging for four months!

The reason I put this here is so I can clear the air, so you can't double talk and run and complain to other people about how mean we are to you.

We were willing to let it rest, but since you keep brining it up i'll end it once and for all:

Besides the constant BS that you always slang and the ridiculose delusions of grandure.

You didn't have a plce to stay a week before the trip. We hooked you up with someone and you tried to short him a fifty and u used his friggin soap.

You stayed with us for 3 days.

Your oh so funny remarks " why are they so selfish, they only care about the competitors"
even after i had a 20 min conversation how we were not there to party

To make it clear: adults make arrangements ahead of time because ppl don't want to drive ur *ss around after 1a when they have to get up at 6am

when we say were taking a picture of the "competitors" that means you shouldn't have ran down the bleachers shouting
"wait for me" by the time we got to the actual "everyone group shots"i was already on a roll...........

and yes i did purposly cut u out of 20 group photos.

ps i could add more but my fingers are tired and excuse the spelling

ppss so i dont want to hear any of ur untrue sob stories

Thank you,

for the record, he didn't really dig against you guys too much but thought he got shafted (at least to me), but he did say that he wasn't sure so was waiting on you to confirm w/ him.

i hope this helps clear some of da shit. at least w/ me.

hi tif. :)

please clarify

Thank you for the post Mr.FCTV

The great thing is that you are one of the rare ppl that would post

I hear things from people in the double digits telling us the different tales

.............I hope I understand you post that you think it's like he hurt his little feelings, because ive heard of him saying that one before.

but let me assure u that he is a little to kiniving for me

at least i say what i mean and mean what i say

? if he told you he was waiting on trip info that was another one of thoes fibs.

He told a bunch of us that he was sponsering a guy mr X and he was staying with him n i guess his team. I dont know the exact back story but he didnt end up sponsering mr X.

So thats how he ended up assuming he ws gonna stay with us.
Which he did not mention in any way shape or form until a week prior.

and as for his sob story, for you hes only been hanging recently. For me i always hear the BS so it pisses me off

he says to you im hurt- im hurt, to others they ripped me off but there are way more issues that just that and it was the straw that broke the camels back.