You've got to be f**king kidding me - robbery


Robbery? Lol. 


Bad. So was Elkins fight.

I had vera 2-1

I thought Vera won. Not sure what 2 rounds Song took in the judges eyes. 

I’m guessing the first 2 though. 

Hard to judge that one

First and second were really close rounds. 

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Had it 29-28 Vera

Had it 29-28 Yadong

winning rds 1 and 2. Also Vera was a dick after so fuck him


I thought Song took 1 & 2. 

29-28, Vera.

I thought Song won. But, I also think generic take downs are overrated.

OH A MASSIVE TAKE DOWN!!! :does nothing for 2 minutes: they game the system with that.

RockTheVote -

Robbery? Lol.