You've got your own MMA gym

so what's there? We'll get the basics out of the way and assume you've
already got a bjj/wrestling/muay thai/boxing program worked out but
what would you do to make the place perfect. Assume an unlimited
budget, what do you put in to the place? You can hire anyone you want,
set up anything you want, what's in your MMA gym? and for you folks
who are a little bit more mature, what's in your martial arts studio (no
dissrespect MMAers, least not much, i'm old, forgive me)

A loyal, dedicated, hard-working, smart and tough student body.

i am going to train at Alco Haulers gym

enough baby oil to get the party started right

Anderson for mt
Rodrigo for mma and ground
rogerio for boxing

Anderson "Spider" Silva and Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira will be hosting classes July 13th thru July 17th 2007 in seattle. Please email to register. Exact location to be announced soon.

Thanks I appreciate your time

alco i'll second that. apappes thanks for getting into the proper spirit but
what if martial arts studios were like 24 hour gyms and the instructors
didn't have day job's? Minotauro what's up with the thread highjacking?

Boxing/kickboxing ring, plenty of mat space, and the hardest one of all....loyal, dedicated students.

ok, so loyal hardworking students seems like a requirement but the
question becomes how do you instill it? the majority of your students
have jobs that obviously they need to pay for their vices and the rest are
soccer moms/dads looking for a way to spend time with their children.

How do you turn them into loyal practitioners that recognize martial arts
are a way of life? a cage and mat space aren't going to do it. what do you
offer to turn mom and pop into the next Funakoshi and Gracie?

sad. did i need to post some link of some random "new" internet girl to
get your attention? this is your chance to express what you want, where
the hell is everybody?

Ring and Cage, cardio equipment i.e. bikes, treadmill, elliptical, some
free weights and a lot of mat space.

You should hire good adept people that aren't going to scare beginners
away and yet have the presence to keep those more seasoned
motivated and coming back.

I think that ideally there would be beginner, intermediate and advanced
classes. If you're not looking to build a team you should focus on the

I'm not really aware of anywhere offering mma for kids and I don't
know how I'd feel (as a parent) about my kids sparring in anything
other than jiu-jitsu and muay thai(but only if they're decked out in
protective gear).

You could have some strictly cardio classes structured around the Bas
Rutten cd workouts.

my 2 cents