Yu Yu Hakusho is underrated

The team arena battle was cool. I know a lot of shos fall into the DBZ thing but raw power is fun to watch. The Japanese seem to incorporate the Atomic Bomb explosion into alot of Anime.

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It gets old quick.

Naruto shipuuden, DBZ, Grappler Baki are all much better.


One Piece is kid shit.

I need to watch more of bleach, i only saw the first few episodes and thought it looked like a better done version of YU YU hakusho.

Kenshin OVA's are amazing Samurai X(trust, Betrayal) The show is mediocre.

Haven't seen Eyeshield, I'll look for it. XXXholic didn't look impressive to me, how did it make your list?

one Piece just isn't my bag.

These are just my opinions in no detracting from yours...I'm always open to finding new anime.


Did you see the arena team yu yu fights?

dubs are allways for shit.


Naruto, Rurouni Kenshin, Grappler Baki, Fighting Spirit...all are great animes.

Have tried to get into One Piece, but it's just not as good. It is the dub version, though, so maybe I'm missing something.

OG please. Oh, and ttt for Kuwabara.



whoa sweet thread.

I've seen about 200 eps of One Piece...it's definitely good stuff.  Plus my wife digs it.

Yu Yu Hakusho is good, but it is old.  I've seen the "Dark Tournament" saga and it was

fun times, but it seemed to sort of slip downhill after that.  Maybe I'll get back and finish

it someday, but who knows?

Naruto Shippuden is a welcome change after the punishing two seasons of bullshit they

dumped on us.

Bleach is solid stuff though I'm about 10 eps behind with the non-filler stuff coming out.

Bleach overall is probably just better than Naruto.

Kenshin is a good series but after the Shi-Shi-O arc it starts being pretty gay.

I've heard great stuff about Black Lagoon I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

XXXHolic/Tsubasa Chronicles are an awesome manga duo for fans of CLAMP, and I haven't

had a chance to check out the anime yet.

I really didn't like Cowboy Beebop or Samurai Champloo at all, they pacing just didn't hook me in and the characters weren't at all likeable.

Oh and I don't watch dubs at all.

Dubs are the devil.

All time Favorites:


Gundam, Seed, Seed destiny

Cowboy Bebop


Full Metal Panic


Gunbuster (old, and the new is good too)

Dirty Pair

Record of the lodoss Wars






Those are my all time favorites in no specific order. Though Macross is my all time #1.


Full Metal Alchemist deserves a mention too.

FMA was a great show subbed.  My wife and I got hooked on it last year and blew through the whole series in about 2 weeks.

Berserk still sits in my mind as the greatest disappointment ever.  I really like that series and it just kinda turns to shit at the end.  (I started from ep 2 which really didn't prepare me for the ending.)

Trigun was a great watch beginning to end.

I still got love for the original El Hazard OAV's even.

Berserk was pretty awesome until that ending. Ugh.

The Ending of the berzerk anime is just the beggining of the manga series, the whole anime is the setup for the 1st episode. Which is Gatz as a demon slayer.

My friends who read the Manga assure me it's great. I hated the end of the anime too... I didn't want splat gore, i don't like it.

Trigun the first 13 episodes, meaningless and mostly uninteresting the last 13 episodes are great though.



Subbed is far superior.

His catch phrase goes from "Datte bayo"(which is meaningless) to "You better believe it" in the dubs. gut wrenching. painful. Just plain Wrong.