yuki kondo vs. kazuhiro nakamura

damn what a fight, I had never watched this one, and if you havent etiher go watch it! great battle, although with these two who would expect less? How the hell was Kondo still standing at the end of that fight? Opinions?

nakamura stopped time and stood him up, really hard to catch on the cameras

Oh I see, tricky japanes folk.

Yeah Pride will never give Kondo a break due to his Pancrase affiliation.....UFC should bring him in at 185 even if for a fight w/ex TUF guy....

That was a bad attempt at a reference to NBCs Heroes.

Hiro Nakamura can bend the space/time.

I apologize at a horrible attempt.

it was shockwave 2005 I think, the same one with Cro Cop vs. Hunt fight, but its on the special features disc of the DVD set.

"How the hell was Kondo still standing at the end of that fight?"

This makes no sense to me at all, considering how the fight went.

PRIDE screwed over Sanae Kikuta a couple of times as well....Not to mention they totally wasted Kiyoshi Tamura by ruining his credibility in his 1st two fights (Vanderlei Silva and Bob Sapp)....PRIDE had a habit of misusing native talent that they didnt develop

You know Pride put on some great events but their booking was just so Fing stupid a lot of the time....they only got it right for me w/Ogawa vs Yoshida, yes I know you guys mostly hate them but that was a good money match which didnt put one of the best japanese against someone 200+lbs heavier.

But I think they did think Tamura might beat Wand....and you know he did okay. But this idea of the brave smaller japanese fighter conquering the 400lbs gaijin has to stop! Come on now its very dumb Takada-san! shoot kick to the face of Takada

As a booker Maeda is better but K1 has the not so good fighters for me. But w/Prides roster he would do better thats for sure. Plus he might kick someones ass Maeda is always ready to put a beating on some fools if need be.

So yeah Pride screwed tons of fighters esp. from Pancrase and anyone Takada or the maangement (mostly Takada) had heat with....

post fight

Phil its not exactly clear what you mean. You want someone to post the fight? something after the fight? come on help me out here.

It took me less time to figure out what he meant than it probably took you to type that sentence. Post the fight.

Nak was pretty dominant until he got kicked in the head, from there on it was Kondo's fight. I would have scored the fight for Kondo, personally, but it was pretty close.


Kondo is the REAL samurai