post some updated pics of your collection....

especially passes!


will do! gotta huge item being picked up on the 18th. then ill post. you dig?

cool....drop a hint...
what is it???

lets see,,,,,,,bigger than a bread box, very expensive, and has to do with the frank/tito fight!

uhhhh the belt??



You finally bought it! Now, what to do with it??


damn can i know?

tito wants it. or it might be for sale on ebay.
someone will want it besides me. until then, i dont
know what to do with it. she wont send you a scan?
everyone has their price. make it happen!!

what was the stinkin secret item?????? ill reveal
mine if he reveals his.

pics of my whole collection at the end of this month
when it all goes into storage. yup, thats right, im
packin it up and puttin it away.