Yuri Alcantara - win bonus

Apparently, according to mma junkie, he was still paid his win bonus. Very happy for him, he deserved it. Phone Post

Figured they would. Cool stuff. Phone Post

Thats very cool. He looked like an animal at bantamweight, shouldn't be long before he's fighting Barao. Phone Post

Awsome... He looked like a monster ... Gunna give anyone at that weight troubles! Phone Post

Good for him. I'm happy to see a new pair of bros in the UFC.

TTT for the Alcantaras!

My gf was pissed at that call and I assured here Dana and Co. would do this. Good to hear. Phone Post

That guy he fought should be cut for putting up an act like that. He didn't want the world to see him crying. Very unprofessional Phone Post

Seriousy, the guy should be auditioning somewhere, not in the octagon.


But props to dana, he makes it right when the referees go horribly wrong.