Yushin Okami competes this weekend

The finals of the Japan ADCC Trials are this weekend. Here are some competitors in each division....

*** 66 kg ***

Naoya Uematsu

*** 77 kg ***

Kuniyoshi Hironaka (beat Nick Diaz and Renato "Charuto" Verrissimo in MMA, beat JJ Machado on points submission grappling)

Daisuke "Amazon" Sugie (beat Mike Fowler in a gi match)

*** 88 kg ***

Yushin Okami (just beat Mike Swick in UFC this past weekend, 4-0 in UFC)

Those divisions seem a little ... sparse.

There are def more competitors, those are just the names I recognize.

actually, I heard Okami decided not to compete.

i just watched Hironaka's UFN match and he was owning the guy on the ground.

Hironaka beat Forrest Petz. Link to vid?

Anyone know where and when this will be and what the admission is to watch?

yeah, it's the 15th, I think it starts either at 11 or 12 , in Shimokitazawa Town Hall.


My bad, he IS competing.

Apparently Sato, Imanari, K-Taro, and Takeuchi will also be competing in addition to the guys you already named.

Ikura desu ka?

4000 yen desu. And I'm positive K Taro isn't competing because it says so on the website lol

"i just watched Hironaka's UFN match and he was owning the guy on the ground."

  • On the UFC site?

  • I dont believe the guy he fought is any good and as mentioned, Hiro beat JJM so, shouldnt be any surprise how the ground action went.

  • I think all the japanese fights on the UFN went as expected, like the guy who was supposed to win, won and the others were expected to lose i think (though i dont think anyone expected mishima to do that shitty)