Yvel / Schilt vs Ignashov 2day...

Its Showtime is happening today with the following fights w/ my picks. What are yours?

Gilbert Yvel vs Kongo: YVEL by KO


Schilt vs Ignashov: IGNASHOV by decision

Ignashov has great KO power... he can ko shilt. He is also real tall.

I do believe that Ignashov vs. Schilt was taken off the card.

Ignashov is scheduled to fight on the K-1 Romanex card on Saturday. I think that they're doing weigh in's today in Japan.

Ignashov is a badass. His fight with carter williams was great.

wild celtic: Are you sure? Ignashov was pictured for the weigh-ins with Schilt. It would be strange if he attended the weigh-ins but now isn't fighting.

Also, keep in mind Ignashov is a very active fighter.

Semmy vs. Ignashov for 5/20 was announced month's before the K-1 Romanex card.

K-1 FEG then offered Ignashov the MMA match against Pro Wrestler Shinseke Nakamura for 5/22.

He'll fight on 5/22 in Japan, not on 5/20 in Holland.

Where did you see that he attended the weigh in's for the Amsterdam "Showtime" card ?

There were pics of the weigh-ins somewhere. Either the kickboxing forum at sherdog or axkickboxing.com's forum.

My bad ! He (Ignashov) is there at the weigh in. Semmy has dyed his hair as well. Looks like it's on, which is crazy.

Ignashov will have to fight this fight, get on a plane to Japan, and fight an MMA match all in the span of about 36 hours.


That's very courageous but I really think Ignashov should not be allowed to do this.

36 hrs later?

Do you know how sore Alexy will be from his match with Schilt then go fight an MMA match.

He'll probably take 20 or more lowkicks and his sprawl will be weakened by this. He is fighting a wrestler ans that could make the difference.