Yves E./Josh T. question

the question: did yves have thompsons back twice in that fight? i recall the first time yves threw him and the second time pushed him off and pulled the trigger and LIGHTS OUT!

background: my buddy trying to tell me there was a lot of "luck" involved with the KO and my point was that if yves had his back twice then you cant even say thompsons would win him the fight if yves didnt "accidently land that lucky kick" (sarcasm)

BTW, major respect to both guys... still a thompson fan, you dont know what hes going to do in there but this was yves fight all the way.

loser has to drink a big shot of 151 so help me out here... thanks!

Landing a flying black pantherman high kick on
someone'e face isn't luck

Yves had his back...pushed him away...and threw the
high kick because he figured Thomson would stop and
try to turn around and face him. Yves caught him right
when Thomson was turning to face him.


zen has fist fucked the correct

Yup, definitely no luck involved in that win.

Yves had his back twice, first he tried to slam him. Then he landed the flying black pantherman kick.

Yves just got 'em.

thanks desease!

I have watched that fight 3 times this last weekend.

I am a fan of both fighters

the luck in a strike is thatthe head is still in the spot u aimed the shot at when it lands

The more Yves trains... the luckier he gets

my favorite luck cliche: luck is what happens when preparation meets oppurtunity

One of the best strikers in the LW division and he got lucky..... yeah right.

He's a counter striker and his counter was perfect.

Yves Edwards is the fucking man.

Props to Yves that was a sick kick he landed and I really would like to see a rematch just to see what would happen if they fought again.Fan of both fighters because they go out there and lay it on the line and I have the utmost respect for both.

Dont be a hypocrite Barbie.