PART 2 ...

  1. Goze: I was just kidding too, I just didn't want to sound soft in front of my butler. I do however keep it hella real. I don't take down my Christmas lights until August sucka! Back to you, BJ Penn just said in a recent interview that he was going down in weight. What would your strategy be against a guy like him?

Edwards: BJ, I think my Stand up would have to be the biggest part of
my game plan. Not that BJ's standup is bad. It actually is really good.
But I know his BJJ is sick sick sick. So I'd do everything I had to do to
keep the fight standing. Also before the fight I would send about four
really hot Hookers that like it in the ass to his room the night before
the fight to sap his stamina.

  1. Goze: Shit, maybe I do want to fight you after all. Besides me, who is the toughest guy you have ever fought?

Edwards: When I agreed to this interview you promised me that you
wouldn't bring up the time that you made me cry and beg you to stop
hitting me. I'll never call you daddy again. You better take that part out
of this interview. The toughest guy I have ever fought was Hermes the
second time that we fought. He wanted that shit almost as much as I
wanted it.

  1. Goze: I wouldn't have hit you if you hadn't told me my mom was so short she couldn't use tampons because she kept stepping on the string. Yeah.....you've fought Hermes Franca twice before and now I hear you guys are good friends. Seeing that you're both in the light weight division, is there a possibility we will see you guys fight a third time?

Edwards: It's a possibility but only if it's for the belt or if it leads
directly to the belt. Other than that I don't see it happening.

  1. Goze: How big of an effect do the fans have on you?

Edwards: The fans give me so much support. They inspire me you
know. The way my Thugs believe in me makes me never want to quit in
a fight.

  1. Goze: I hear your quite the video game player. What is your favorite video game?

Edwards: I only really play two games. I play a lot of the Madden series
of games and I play Socom US Navy Seals online (Socom 3) My name on
there is Sofa-King-Nice. That by far is my fave.

  1. Goze: The chances of there being two Yves in the UFC have to be Astronomical. Thats like me going to a White House dinner and finding two Goze name plates on the table. So tell us, is Yves Lavigne trying to be you or are you trying to be him?

Edwards: I'm not supposed to tell you this but Lavigne is a clone
harvested by the CIA using my DNA which they altered to make my
clone a White French Canadian (Who would ever suspect anything). He
has all my skills but in Referee form. They named him Yves in honor of
me. Hey if the NSA comes knocking at your door I said nothing.

  1. Goze: Too late, they just left, I told them she was eighteen and that she drugged me. Texas Two Step or The Gozy Shuffle?

Edwards: Let's get one thing straight I'm a fucking Gangsta. I do the
Electric slide and that's about it.

  1. Goze: How many stitches did you take after your fight with Joe Stevenson?

Edwards: I got 3 on the inside and 8 on the outside so 11 total, or 10 if
you're from Alabama and you 're afraid to take off your shoes because
you never quite learned how to fasten the velcro.

  1. Goze: People wear shoes in Alabama? Do you think you could have continued had the doctor allowed the fight to go on?

Edwards: Fuck yeah I could continue now. I could have continued even
though the doctor stopped the fight. Why would you let me finish the
round and not let me fight. I'll tell you this much I'll never expect
anything from a UFC cutman again. I was bleeding for 2 minutes and
when the round ended they hadn't even opened the adrenaline yet. I
don't think they ever opened it. What kind of shit is that. At least try to
stop the fucking bleeding with more than a dry q-tip. I'm still pissed
can you tell?

  1. Goze: Yeah, people don't even ask for lemon in their tea anymore, they just ask for you, thats how bitter you are. Do you agree with the referee's stoppage?

Edwards: Big john didn't stop it I think he would have let me go on if
the Doctor didn't stop it. I'm sure he saw that I wasn't done yet. But I
100 percent whole heartedly disagree with the stoppage, and if Joe
Stevenson is willing to fight me again I'm so fucking down for that.

  1. Goze: After your fight with Joe Stevenson, you sent out a blog thanking everyone for their positive comments and support. Anyway, you pointed out that there was only one douche bag that had left you a stupid comment and you posted the comment along with his URL and Photo. I guess what I'm getting at is a confession. During the UFC, I posted a comment about the Ortiz, Shamrock fight. I think I was mad that they stopped that fight so soon so I posted a comment that went something like this.......How could Herb Dean stop that fight so soon? I mean, there was more blood in the Edwards, Stevenson fight than in the first 25 minutes of Saving Private Ryan and they allowed Yves to fight. Given the history between these two and the importance of this fight, you would think they would let them go a little more. I guess my question to you is, why am I still alive?

Edwards: You're still alive because Ken Shamrock was out of that fight.
He may act like he wanted to continue but he would have gotten
fucked up if Herb didn't stop that. I promise you that he wouldn't have
made it half as long as I did. I got cut and I needed a few stitches Ken's
skull would have gotten his skull crushed in about 38 seconds from
that point on.

  1. Goze: What promises will you make to the subscribers of this blog?

Edwards: I can only promise 3 things. 1. I will always leave my heart in
the Ring/Cage. 2. I will never duck anyone. 3. I will never ever engage
in any form of gay sex.

P.S. They will try to fool you and say "Down Low" sex isn't gay sex but
it's guys sticking their dicks in another guy's ass. I mean if that's not
gay I don't know what is.

Goze: Word! Thanks again for the interview buddy. We all hope to see
you in the ring busting heads soon. Goze's blog and all of it's
subscribers-thugs are all behind you. Thanks Yves.

Yves: No Goze, thank you, now my message can be heard.

Take that bitches!!! That interview was gold. Next month will be former
UFC Ring Girl-model and current WFA hottie, Amber. Add her to your
friends list.


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adding the ring girl as we speak, LOL