Yves Edwards is awesome!!!

Hello everyone, I was reminded of that fact today in the gym. I had grown complacent with mr. Edwards' greatness and thought, well, this little black guy cant really beat the shit out of me can he? So, at that very moment, I challenged him to a thugjitsu style grappling match. This match has all the works in it, I had to deny him of a few rules though to make it easier on myself of course.

1) No punching me.

2) No kicking me.

3) Knees are allowed but only to the back of the head, I mean, how the hell could he pull that off on me?

4) I had eaten Mexican food earlier that day so I let it be known farting was allowed in guard only.

5) NO TIME LIMITS, we go to the tap. This way there will be no denying who the winner was.

Ill give you a description of the match in the next post.

Lucky us.

Well the match started out on our knees because I dont want to have to spend too much energy trying to take him down. So I tard-charged him and he laughed and fell back to guard. I attempted to pass then he went for what I thought was a triangle and farted in my face. I lost a ton of dignity at that very moment and jumped back in fear of being submitted via fart.So he was then in my guard after some scrambling, but I couldn't let lose the fight ender. He then said he knew there was no way I could omoplata him, so like the jackass I am I went for that very maneuver. Then he kneed me in the back of the head and had the cajones to ask if I was okay!!! I said yes and continued to dominate the bottom position, after a relatively easy effort he armbarred me. END GAME, DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT WIN THUGJITSU DOJO CHAMPIONSHIP.

Yves isnt even black, I bet you didnt know that!

Miguel, I bet you didn't know Yves was dangeresque!!!


... back at you foolish clown demon!!!

I cant even spell the word Yves is - this keyboard doesnt have the right accents and shit!

not black - chocolat - yes we drop the e!

LOL @ "Tard charged him"

I perform the Thugjitsu fart technique on my wife all the time she loves it!!

He is trying to make a funny face!!! Some have told him his face already looks funny though....

Can Yves knock out Manny Reyes Jr. for us...strickly stand up fight. I would love to see that. Then he would have an excuse for that shit also.