Yves Edwards shirts! pic...

ttt for one of the nicest guys in the sport...

Arias, you do anything with those Manny pics yet?

I don't get the Thug Jitsu thing....

Why those shirts are beautiful!!!

Runs to closet to grab one

Puts it on

I knew I was missing something today...

PS: I dont get the jwizard thing....

PPS: Are you into the whole "Puts on robe and wizard hat" thing?

I got the one with Rich on the back from Yves himself at the Euphoria weigh-ins.  The next night at the fights , my wife wanted one and he gave her the one he wore into the ring right before he fought Hermes a second time.  The one with Kotani is the one he wore in the ring...great guy...

Chad i was going to make a shirt from the Pacman pic but I couldn't do it in time for the fight on Sat, night

ttt for the poeples champ!


Looks like a badass shirt to me. Yves is the man at 155.

That is a cool pic of Yves Kotani.....lol

Jeff is that your pic?  Awesome photo

I like Yves, but I don't like those shirts.

I guess it it's differing tastes thing. I never got into shirts with photos on them or shirts with "badass" phrases on them.

The front is kind of neat.

Great lets put up a post about a cripple guy. Real nice.....LOL


lol you're a good sport man! 

How is your recovery coming? heel up fast!


Not my picture. A damn good one though.

Rich is the man! Hope the leg is getting better.

Thug Jitsu?? i thought it Jui Jitsu. What art is Thug Jitsu???

Definite TTT from me for Yves...and for sure a speedy recovery Rich....

a poster of the twinkie and cowboy hat would be sweet.

yeah those shirts are nice . . . too bad they don't ship them to you when you buy them. I been waitting over a year for the one i ordered from thugjitsu.com. go to that site and read the forum on the site. I aint the only one. and NO they don't make good on their bunk orders.