Yves Edwards vs Mark Hominick UFC

Hey Shawn, can you confirm that this rumored fight is going to happen at UFC 58?

if u watch the sherdog press conference patry says its not signed yet but in the next few days they will know


that would be big news

that's a tough fight for a first appearance.

Definetly a dangerous fight for Mark to take. Stepping in with a Top Five guy like Edwards is crazy. Mind you...

People also said Duane Ludwig was crazy when he agreed to fight Jens Pulver!!! Anyone remember the outcome of that fight...:)

Go get'em Machine...KO BABY!!!

Honestly, the way Mark looked on Saturday, I really wouldn't be surprised to see him put on a good showing for himself. Obviously it would be a huge step up in competition, and much more difficult to look as good against a guy like Edwards, but Hominik is reaching world class level with his abilities, and yes some would argue he's been there for a while but the sky certainly looks to be the limit. Really, I dont think Hominik would have anything to lose in fighting Edwards, and it would be quite the honour for him win or lose.

Anytime a Canadian steps up like this you have to hope they do well.

ADCC News says Hominick will fight on the next UFC card, but that Yves
is still a rumour.

TTT for the Machine!!!!

forget being a canadian.. Speak to Mark and you will see he is a great guy super humble and imo one of the the best TKO champions ever. Yves edwards is a solid fighter which is why a game competitor like mark would want to fight him. A win in this fight puts mark in the world stage in a big way.

This will be a very tough fight for Hominick, but a great opportunity, and really, it's a no-lose situation for him. Yves is a tough competitor, who has a pretty big reach advantage over Mark, and will also be cutting down to 155lbs, where Mark will be moving up in weight.
Mark is an excellent competitor though, he's got great conditioning, and is very disciplined in the ring in terms of staying focused and technical. I'll be cheering for him that night for sure! What a great way for the UFC to bring back the Lightweights!

Good luck Mark! I hope you kick ass!


Ronin MMA

A win would throw him to the top of the food chain

if it happen's good luck Hominick

Hominick could be put in the top ten with a win here in a weight class above crazy

i hate to say it, but Mark is in big, BIG trouble. I would love it if I am wrong, but I fear I am right.

Yves will eat him alive ..

Congrats to Hominick for taking the fight!

The last three posts are a little discouraging....Hopefully Tompkins and his fighter can tune out all of the pressure and doubt and come away with the win.

Mark has the better technique, better hands and is quicker. Yves has the power and size. I think it's a close fight which Mark can definitely win.

Overall, the UFC have made all style match-ups (aside from GSP & Loiseau) that favor the Americans. Styles normally win fights in MMA. I hope our boys can overcome it.

People who haven't rolled or sparred with Mark don't realize how strong and well balanced he really is.At training he regularily takes down guys who weigh 190 lbs.He doesn't get tired which makes him stronger the longer the fight goes.His standup is exellent and IMO on par with Yves.I think Mark has a great chance to pull this one off.Remember the better you get the tougher the competition you will face.Mark has shown no fear by taking this fight.

I only had the opportunity to train with Mark for a month but he left his mark on how well rounded he really is.

Good Luck.