Yves Edwards vs Naoyuki Kotani....

Who are you gonna pick in this fight at the HUGE MFC EUPHORIA 155 pound tourney on Friday? We all know Yves Edwards is the # 1 155 pounder in the Milky Way galaxy and Kotani is pretty good. That said im gonna have to go with mr. Sofa King Nice by flying black pantherman kick!!!

Yves will make him look silly

You sir are correct!!!

what are the rules of this event? normal mma rules or zst type rules?

Normal MMA rules but no elbows

I think that the fans will win this one, great fight.

I think Kotani will put up a good fight against Yves.Im rooting for Kotani,but Yves is obviously the favorite.

Yves by KO in the first round.

Yves Edwards will also win the mental battle going into the fight knowing he has the best YES man in MMA and the winner of this year's UG jockrider of the year award on his side:

It should be on the record, that I was on the phone with Yves today, and he coined a new word for himself -


YIPPY!!! Yves is the master of new words and phrases!!! Who wants a good ninjafucking!!!

I predict that Yves wins by close JD.

Or course, if TRJ dislodges his lips from Yves' genatalia, I think Yves couls pull off the KO win!


Yves by decision

Franca by sub

Hansen by Sub

Clementi by devastation

I'm going with Yves!


Yves, I aint never gonna question you partner. I aint never gonna question you!!!

i'm picking yves to win. i can't pick against the guy at this point. he has been way too impressive over the last year or so. kotani is very talented, but i'd be surprised if he could take out yves at this point.

Yves by decapitation