love to see Stephens lose. Very happy for Yves!


Yes! Phone Post

Fuck that was epic Phone Post

like them both, but i have been a Yves fan for so long.  really happy right now to see him win.

Yes!!! Phone Post

So fucking happy for Yves right now, that was awesome

I'm not sure I saw that one coming. Yves looked great though. Stephens definitely made a mistake by not respecting his power.

Powerful Yves!!!!!!!

I had decided not to drink today but I'm grabbing a beer after that one.

War Yves

Awesome! Good job, Yves. Phone Post

I had said "War Yves, I hope finds a way to win" in the fight thread and 20 seconds later BOOM its over. Was EPIC.

War Yves!!!! Phone Post

Really enjoyed seeing that.


Congrats Yves.

It looked great on the phantom cam. Phone Post

Damn sure did brother

Yves is the man! I was so amped when he got that KO. Hopefully a lot more of that to come! War The People's Champ!

Huge ko for Yves! I always like the guy. Nice win!

Huge ko for Yves! I always like the guy. Nice win!

Why all the hate for Lil Heathen? Phone Post