Yves Edwards

I hope Yves doesn't get cut after this fight (he shouldn't) but just in case he does, or just because, I wanna thank you Yves for all the amazing fights over the years. Almost 20 years in the fight game and his body has taken some punishment.

I would love to see him retire and have a career in coaching/training or commentary.

War Thug Jitsu!!!!!!!! Phone Post 3.0

He is the man his style is great to watch . Those pokes took his game i think or he seemed otherwise off Phone Post 3.0

Yves is the man.

VUs all around. Phone Post 3.0

Thugjitsu ITMFH! Phone Post 3.0

IKissedRobLiefeldWhileCleaningMyAssWithJiT83 - Yves is the man.

VUs all around. Phone Post 3.0
Returned brother Phone Post 3.0

War thugjitsu! Really hope UFC gives him another fight.

Looked great tonight until he seemed to gas a bit. Maybe it was the altitude. Also those two pokes to the same eye were aweful.

Yves is one of the coolest fighters I've ever met. Love the guy, win, lose or draw.


Fuckin love that guy. Phone Post 3.0

Alway have been and always will be a fan.
WAR YVES!! Phone Post 3.0

Yves the man Phone Post 3.0

Dude deserves a medal for how much and long he's fought.

The dude stuffed up my parlay tonight, out of 6 fights I got 5 right bit thanks to yves I didn't get my parlay! Is a cool fighter though Phone Post 3.0

Revenge poke was awesome. If the ref won't at least give a strong warning, poke that fucker back! Phone Post 3.0



Love Yves.

My fav LW eva Phone Post 3.0

Yves will always be the man win, lose or draw! Phone Post 3.0

like i said in another thread...Yves is the man and i will always be a fan.

I lost a little money on Yves last night, but I don't even care. I felt awful watching a vet like Yves slowly get overwhelmed by a bigger, younger stud. Sucks extra when your favorite fighters lose. Phone Post 3.0

War Yves! Phone Post 3.0