yves lavigne is on history channel right now

 I guess he is an expert on biker gangs, and wrote a book about it.

 I saw that!!!  I was looking to find him wiki to make sure it was the same guy, but couldn't find anything.

 I'm pretty sure it's him.

 Yeah, I think so.

 I was watching as well and was wondering if it was the same guy. I never knew there was that much activity for those gangs here in Florida. Scary.  Not as scary as breakit, but scary none the less.

 Oh, and he will "breakit" if he has to.

 Wouldnt be the first time!!!

I knew they were here in Orlando.  I've seen them in the Longwood/Sanford area.

 I posted this years ago . Different Yves Lavigne !

 Thanks for the update.

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 LOL @ Maxpower

I've read his book (years ago...never realized it was the same guy) and it is the best book on biker gangs I've ever read. Informative and filled with fun shit.

I don't think it's the same Yves Lavigne.


Doesn't look like the same Yves Lavigne to me.

It's not the same Yves, I have that book and on the back cover is a pic of the author and it's not the same guy as Yves the UFC ref

Mystery solved.

You guys should read riding with the devil. Great book on the infiltration of the hells angels by the ATF. Bird is the agent and I have actually met him. Great guy and went through hell doing it. Great read. -Derek-

 thanks, guys

loretta - Mystery solved.

you are right Loretta

Yves Lavigne