Yves vs Hansen 2nd round,Euphoria!

These two have come to a verbal agreement I believe Miguel said  to be the 2nd round matchup in Euphoria for December, who wins this exciting fight between 2 top 5 lightweights? Im gonna have to go with Yves by disgustingly sweet flying black pantherman kick!!!

The winner of the fight will win the whole tournament. And my pick is Hansen rd 2 by ref stoppage from strikes.


I thought Hansen couldn't fight second round cause he has a Shooto fight lined up and Ryan Schultz would be coming into the main drop in place of Hansen...

Hmmmm, this post interests me Rking.

This is just what I heard:

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Wow. I just got home, and I am still buzzed!

This is what we have agreed on verbally with the fighters, though obviously things change...

Hermes - Clementi Hansen - Edwards

Wiuff - Jaoude Meat Truck - Monson

Schultz v. TBD Rothwell v. Magomedov (rematch)

For the LIGHTHEAVYWEIGHT tourney Jeremy Horn attended the event with the intention of signing an exclusive 3 fight deal.

Lawyers being lawyers, our contacts will be ready this coming week. I am very psyched about this, as Jeremy fought for me a long time ago many times, and he has come a long way.

Bill Mahood, Jason Macdonald, Alexei Vezelovzorov, Fabio Leopoldo, Daniel Tabeira, Ron Faircloth another guy from Team QUEST, David Dalgiesh, a Japanese fighter...

so Hansen is still fighting in the December show? I had heard that he was fighting on the Shooto year end show and wouldn't be able to fight in Euphoria in December.

would be weird entering the tournament knowing you couldn't compete if you won

wow, hermes/clementi and yves/hansen is sweet. not sure who to pick there. i think hermes might be too much for rich on the ground, but yves vs. hansen is tough to predict. i'd take yves though.

I think Wiuff takes the hw tourney. He looked to be in terrific shape and his wrestling power is just too much.

"so Hansen is still fighting in the December show?"

I hope so.

We all hope so NA, this is the match the world has been waiting for!!!

migueli please contact me at shane_garrett@sbcglobal.net i am very interested in fighting for your new promotion

Yves will flying black pantherman kick anyone he fights. Makes no difference.


Joachim counter that with a flying white pantherman kick.


lol @ white pantherman kick

NO!!! You cant do that Norwegian, you cheated!!! Now Joachim is gonna get disqualified for trying moves out of his ethnicity!!!

LOL, but at least form now on Norwegian fighter should be allowed to use viking swords.

Only if black fighters are allowed to use mac-10's.


lol @ O$LO

O$lo baby! I'm a fan!