Yves vs. Hermes 2

Yves by decision. Full Contact fighter is reporting this matchup due to Hansen being out. Sorry if this is old news.

strangely i cant recall the 1st fight even though i have it

I would have rather seen Rich fight Hermes because I think their styles would make for an exciting fight. I also think Rich would win that fight. At least there is a show, however, willing to put these top lightweights in the ring.

Why is Hansen out?


Any idea who Rich's new opponent will be?

Franca seems like a great guy and is an awesome fighter

But I still see Yves taking this one...and there won't be any doubts over who wins this time


im hoping for hermes by sub. i like both fighters though so either way its str8

Yves by dec or by KO. Hermes has heavy hands but Yves is to solid defensivly to get caught.

The first fight was very close and some feel that Hermes should have been given the decision. Hopefully this fight will be more decisive and doubt will be erased, whoever the victor might be.


HERMES FRANCA by submission.

Clementi sits back with a sad face and waits to see. :(

this sucks, I was hoping to see Clementi vs Yves in a rematch.

Rich and Yves in the finals could still happen and in fact is likely.

Franca. He won the first time, and if they have judges who do not have bricks for heads this time, I'm sure he will win again.

I rolled with Hermes recently and he impressed the hell out of me. That guy is absolutely sick on the ground. And he is very cool. He explained EVERYTHING he was doing and why. He has a fan here.

Go Hermes!

Rich.....who do you pickto win this one & why?

ttt for a response from Rich. I am curious as well.

Hermes will win!!!!Clearly this time no BS decision.Rich should be fighting someone still I want to see him fight.