YVES wins by brutal headkick rd 1!!! MY NIGGA!!!

damn, thats impressive, but not surprising. he saw holes in kotani's standup (per his interview) and exposed them.

WHAT A TOURNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!





I WILL be there for the second round!

same place!

outstanding. congrats yves

Trollhunter why are you stalking me? Do you have an obsession with good looking people like myself?

PS: I beat down the quarterback.

A better question is why has TRJ taken OMA's personality over the past few days? Truly pitiful.

Why are you trolls hijacking my thread? Zippy, your calling the legend an IMP quit trying to run him off!!! CSC, you aren't good enough to be my poop-shovel. Fuck off!!! This thread is all about Yves people, take your quarrel with me to another thread you jealous haters!!!

PS: Ziplokk and CSC are TROLLS!!!

quit spamming fags

That's impressive,because Kotani is very good.He was dead even with Marcus Aurelio in their fight before the cut.

"PS: Ziplokk and CSC are TROLLS!!!"

Maybe so but at least we have our own gimmicks.

Yves is the people's champion!!!

He could cover Randy Moss!!!

Too bad that fight hasn't been offered. Lol at this hater, im sure you picked him to get koed by Kotani lol!!!

When is Round 2??