Yzerman out

Several fractures to the orbital bone and a scratched cornea. 4 1/2 hours in surgery to repair.

First thing he asks the doctors after surgery... "Can I travel to Calgary with the team?" lol

And he was at The Joe for practice the next day to watch.

The guy has balls for sure.


Full recovery is projected

God to hear about the full recovery projection. Will he be in the conference finals should Detroit advance?


No, its all over for this season, as acording to ESPNews this morning, but he sould be ready to play next season...now if it hadn't scratched his Cornea, you could have very well seen him playing in a goalies mask, but I am sure the league wouldn't want him playing with one good eye(Berard is the exception here, he has grown use to his disability, like I have)

(PS, if anyone didn't know I am leagally blind in my right eye because of a birth defect.)