Zabby KTFO's Busta Rhymes

whats the dill? i hear its Zabby KTFO'ing...but hear too its Busta
KTFO'ing. highly doubt Busta KTFO'd Zabby cakes. Zab did get
arrested for having a loaded gat.

Any good source news?

I read a year or so ago that Busta took a swing at Zab and missed and then Zab proceeded to knock Busta's ass out.

what was busta thinking?

the one blip i read about it some time ago said Busta got the first hit in, then took one before it was broken up.

its hard to belive a rapper getting the better of a world champion, but in an altercation that lasts seconds anythings possible when landing one shot can determine a "winner" or "loser"

well the boxer walks at about 155 and the rapper is easily 220-230. but it is hard to believe any version that has busta winning

I hate Zab but he would have broke Busta's face if he landed anything serious. There would be many pictures of Busta's swollen jaw, cheek, eye or wherever Zab landed. He probably hit him with a weak shot and that was enough to drop him.

Very rarely will a boxer risk breaking his hand by hitting a guy full force in the face. Even Ike Ibeabuchi, a complete psychopath, used his foot to smash a car window open and not his hand. Tyson himself learned from the Mitch Green alteraction and used his feet in the Don KIng incident and that older motorist.

THe reality is, a bare knuckled punch from even a lightweight puncher could deal out serious injury to even a 200+ lb. individual.

No.  More like Mike got mad at Don ... and punched out his own windshield!

Mike may ACT crazy but .....

Didn't Tyson give Frank Warren a black eye?

Tyson broke Warren's cheek bone.

This dude from my gym before I started, a small welt named Dustin
Reinhold, killed a bigger guy in a bar w/one punch. Hes doin a ill bid