Zach Gowen released from WWE.

Zach Gowen released from WWE contract

Reported by: WrestlingDotCom - 02.05.2004 02:25 AM

- WWE.COM confirmed today that Zach Gowen has been released from his contract after a meeting with Jim Ross today. Ross said that he'd be surprised if he doesn't see Gowen back in a WWE ring sometime in the future considering he's still only 20 years old.

he'll head back to TNA, where they'll use him more.

Too bad he got his walking hopping papers.

well he only had one leg.

He was an ace kicking worker, but it's hard to get guys to job to someone with one leg.

Hope to see ya again, Hopalong!

Armbreaker has the correct

you remember that doink angle when he had his arm all bandaged up and it turned out to be a prostetic arm which he proceeded to use to beat the crap outta crush???....i woulda done the exact same thing with gowen, now there is an angle that needed to be recycled