UWC – Announces PRATER vs. BRITO and LIGHT vs. SCHULTE for April 26th Nations Capital Show 

UWSD – Ultimate Warrior Sports Development, LLC today announced two more fights for the UWC-INVASION show which takes place Saturday, April 26, 2008 at the GMU-Patriot Center in the Washington, DC metropolitan market.  UWC is signing a mix of UFC vets, up-and-comers from MMA stars’ teams, and notable standouts from established promotions on the verge of stardom themselves.  The next 2 fights confirmed for this historic event demonstrate this aim as Zack Light is signed to fight Thomas Schulte and Carlo Prater is signed to fight Marcelo Brito. 

Zack Light is not only a UFC vet; he is also an assistant coach from The Ultimate Fighter Season 7 which debuts in April on Spike TV.  As a Welterweight Light fought UFC vets Jeremy Jackson, Pete Spratt, and Tony Fryklund in the early stages of his career and made his UFC debut at UFC 37.5.  Now fighting at his natural weight of 155 Light trains with current UFC Light Heavyweight champion Quinton Jackson at Rampage MMA.  Coming off an armbar loss to Toby Imada in Total Combat Entertainment last June Zack is eager to show he isn’t just an assistant coach or training partner to the stars but that he is ready to carry the torch for his team, Rampage MMA.

Thomas Schulte spent the years the UFC didn’t have a Lightweight division competing at Welterweight but now is looking to climb the Lightweight rankings.  As a Welterweight Schulte fought UFC vets Joe Stevenson and Jonathan Goulet as well as “gatekeeper” Carlo Prater and former Ring of Fire champion Jay Jack.  Schulte’s first fight at Lightweight was against Jason Maxwell who owns a win over former UFC champion Jens Pulver, a close judges’ decision loss that could have gone either way and one of only two of Schulte’s fights that went to a decision.  Schulte entered Hardcore Championship Fighting where he first won the Lightweight title against Ariel Sexton last October then defended it against Garrett Davis in February.  Eighty-six percent of Schulte’s fights have ended in the first round while ninety-four percent of his wins are by submission.  He trains out of FitNHB with current WEC World Champion Carlos Condit and Tom Vaughn. 

Carlo Prater is also looking to re-establish himself after taking most of 2006 off to change teams.  In 2003-2005 Carlo was one of a handful of “gatekeepers” or people that if a fighter were to beat would mean a trip to the UFC.  Drew Fickett, Keith Wisniewski, and Derrick Noble all beat Prater to earn their UFC debuts while now-UFC vets Spencer Fisher and Pat Healy as well as current WEC champion Carlos Condit lost to Prater in their efforts to make a name for themselves.  By 2006 Prater for family reasons moved back to Brazil where he made changes in his training, reemerging a year later to win two in Art of War including a rematch with Keith Wisniewski and most recently losing a rematch against Carlos Condit for the WEC title in February.  Now Carlo looks to use his sharpened skills to take it to the next level against Marcelo Brito.  Prater trains out of Metro Fight Club with Yves Edwards and Saul Soliz. 

Marcelo Brito may not be known in the States partially because his career path was designed to lead to Pride.  Brito started out strong, winning three in a row in Pride feeder show Storm Samurai before losing a split decision to Gustavo Machado who also holds a win over UFC vet Nate Quarry.  Brito went to Japan to fight in another Pride feeder show MARS where he went 2-0, seemingly on the verge of entry into Pride just as Zuffa bought that company in January ’07.  After one more win Brito was sitting on a 6-1 record when he lost another decision, this time to UFC vet John Alessio in WEC last September.  Now Brito looks to prove not only that nobody can finish him but now nobody can beat him, period. 

These are just two fights on a card stacked with stars, both inside and outside the cage in what promises to be the BIGGEST MMA Event “EVER” held in the Nation’s Capital / Washington DC area. UWSD President and MMA Pioneer John Lewis and CEO S. Marcello Foran are currently in negotiations with TV Networks in the US, UK and other parts of Europe. The UWSD is also preparing to film their own version of an MMA TV show titled the “Making of an Ultimate Warrior”. For more information, please log on to www.uwcmma.com , www.uwcmma.com/uwc3 (Event website), www.myspace.com/uwcmma or www.ultimatevipclub.com