Zack's debut!

What's up Zack, just read not long ago that you are making your debut soon in Guam! Wanted to wish you good luck bro. Do you know anything about your opponent, and what weight are you fighting at? Also good luck to the rest of the guys fighting the same night.



Thanks Andrew! I will be fighting at 170 lbs. My opponent is from the US but he is in the Navy and stationed in Guam, he's 5'7" to 5'8" and has done boxing and wrestling, so we shall see what we see, I have been training hard but got pretty sick recently but I will be fine!

This is long over due, Zach is going to wreck some heads for sure. Good luck homie, We are all rootin foe ya!

Brad McCall

HELL YA, Zack is gonna rock!!!

:) *blushing* lol!

Thanks guys, I hope I do not disappoint. I'm really F**KING EXCITED for this!

Good to hear! Kick ass bro, and keep us posted with your progress. Best wishes!


I know your brother has trained you correctly for this fight. Be confident and win, lose or draw fight your best and fight your hardest and everything will be cool.

Andy Wang

Good luck....

About time Zack

Good luck!

Good luck, you guys should check out a thread in UG by WEC. They want an inexperienced fighter with 1-2 or 0 fights to fight on Jan 16th show, they say MTV will be filming for a documentary. It would have been cool if you went in there and fucked somebody up. Kick ass.