Zambidis beat Drago!!

It was judged as a draw after three rounds so they went to the extra round which Zambidis won unanimously.

Anybody got a vid?

Taken from K-1's official website.

"Armenian muay thai fighter Drago made it to the World Max semifinals in '06. Here he came up against a little guy with a big punch -- producer's pick Mike Zambidis of Greece.

Zambidis started dancing when the bell rang and remained in motion through the entire bout. The Greek slugger showed excellent evasions and blocking, and was spry and solid on the counter with body blows. Drago had some fancy moves of his own, making partial contact with spinning back kicks and fists, and by the end of the second round the pair were locked in one hell of a battle. Drago did well with the front kicks and knees in the third, but Zambidis was always closing with punches. The crowd cheered with gusto when all three judges scored the fight a draw, adding a tiebreaker round to the thrilling contest.

Again, total commitment from both fighters, Drago throwing straight punches and working the kicks and knees, the intrepid Zambidis once more coming in with the fists, scoring surprisingly with a high kick that caught his opponent on the jaw. Plenty of spirited exchanges and a shame only one man's arm could be raised -- the judges awarding the win to Zambidis."



bravo re mixalaki! :)

Pete Sell?