Zaromskis does it! 2 High kick KO's

I said everyone should be cheering for this guy if they love exciting fights. Besides sakurai who is also exciting, just not quite as great. But zaromskis added two more highlight reel KO's to his record this evening.

I hope people start watching him, he delivers incredible fights and highlight reel fights.

Dude's got some power. Impressive.

 Made an instant fan out of me. Loved watching his performance. Hope he keeps it up and stays in the scene for a long time. The guy has good balance.

How is his ground game though? I remember another guy from his neck of the woods (Mork) who was also a beast standing, but lost when it hit the ground.

His wrestling seems good for a striker, and hes good at scrambling, probably not great at submissions though.I just love his style, he is one of the most exciting fighters I have ever seen.

One of the best fights Ive ever seen live was Marius v Damien Riccio at Cage Rage. Such a crazy fight and one of the best endings too.

Was that the fight where he ko'd him with a spinning back roundhouse kick?

Shogun121 - Was that the fight where he ko'd him with a spinning back roundhouse kick?

Yep, and then finished it off with a rather naughty soccer kick lol. Doctor stopped it due to a gash on Riccio's forehead.


TTT fan here

for ShaqNoob

Lithuanian striking is world class.

Kaboom...he even landed an immediate right hand while High was out on his feet.