Zaromskis spies Sakuraba's ear (PIC)

Pic says it all really (if a bluenamer would be so kind):


 LoL Looks like Z's about to faint. 

gross move to tapout


Eeeeeeeewwwwww!!! That poor ear has just been so abused. Phone Post

 that just ain't right


 so wrong.

Is that his ear hanging off of...his ear? Phone Post

Damn :(

MrHenson -  n e 1 have a link to teh fight?

Really short fight, not to exciting. It was a soft hook that first opened Sakuraba's ear. It just kind of burst his cauliflower ear. Then Sakuraba shot in for a single leg take down and Zaromski sort of half sprawled and sakuraba backed out of the attempt, when he did it appears his ear pulled off of Zaromski's shorts backwards causing a small tear to turn into a big rip. His ear ripped back and hung off his head. There are not to many good shots of it because Sakuraba immediately realized his ear was hanging off and put his hand over it. It looked nasty! I would have gagged if random internet videos didn't train me to have an iron stomach.

Yeah that ear was done. Shame to see a fight end like that especially resulting in another loss for Saku. It actually reminded me of that Pancrase fight where the guys ear was knocked off/or sliced off by the ropes, instead Saku's ear was just hanging by a little bit.

No he's always looked slightly dim and slow witted ever he first started fighting in the UK, but his English has improved a bit. I remember seeing him back stage at a Cage Rage Contender show having his London Shoot corner mime how to get out of an arm bar. Think he got KO'd by Che Mills that night...

Can we please stop Sakuraba from fighting again?

Zarombie imo.

Just stop it. Sakuraba has done it all. He's got nothing more to prove.

puke. again. (it's new years)

Poor Sakuraba. :(

It would be almost impossible to add to his legendary status. It was saddening to see Saku's ear like that, but not NEARLY as brutal as his fights with Wandy IMO. Jesus. Phone Post

 Ow :-(