Ze Mario Esfiha Side Control DVDs

not sure if there ever was a thread on this series....but was more specifically wondering on Ze Mario's Side Control DVDs. Are they any good? Gi/No Gi? Is there much overlap with any existing series?

Esfiha is an awesome instructor and does a great job of explaining how to keep the guy pinned while you work for a submission. There are a lot of great variations and tips on this DVD.

Andre: he's pretty big correct?? I'm hoping to get a big guy's perspective considering I'm pretty big myself....6'4'' 240.

He's about 6'2 maybe 240 or 250. Moves like a guy halfg his sixe though.

If its from Esfiha, then its worth it!

Andre I think he's a little bigger than that...

are the techniques shown in isolation or in combinations?

ArcadiaDan, most of the techniques are shown in combination. Like he will show kimura/americana attacks from the side in a sequence, then when he has exhausted those attacks, he will move on to chokes and show those in a sequence.

excellent! guess I know what my next purchase will be...

Esfiha is in the 275 lbs range. According to "him" he is skinny?? Anyway, the side attack tapes are really good and cover various ways for attcks depending on opponents arm positions. He shows how to use weight and hip movement to move through the various movements/submissions. My favorite tapes of the set, easy to follow, remember and very effective/practical.

From the guy who "felt" and has tried to escape from this position I can attest to the fact that if Esfiha wants to submit or control you from the side mount he will. My own opinon this is the best dvd!! We will be making more dvd's in the future any suggestions to what you want to see please let us know!!!


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How about some clips inbetween the techniques of Esfiha picking up women and then kicking some guy's ass in a bar!!!

That would sweet! I'd buy the whole series 2 set just for that!

any chance Esfiha would do a DVD on his mount strategies/techniques?

Hey Jeff, actually, he has implied that he would like to teach his special tech's for picking up girls at the bar and then beating the crap out of trouble makers, I think we can sell a lot of DVD's. IN TERMS OF "real" tech's I will suggest the mount attacks to him. Keep the suggestions coming in!!!

Hey ArcadiaDan, thanks for the interest in the DVD's. When I made the sets I tried to show a little bit of all for all the different kinds of games. Personally, I am 275 and 6'03 and my side control dvd is my favorite for my game. You being a big guy too, this would be excellant to improve your game.

If you want to ask me anything please contact zmesfiha@hotmail.com

Thank you

TTT for Esfiha's side control DVD!!! Look out for more dvd's to come!!

vince at www.niagarabjj.ca


More DVDs on the way, eh?

Take your time, I'm still waiting for Christmas to get these!

ttt - these DVDs are great. Highly recommended