Zelensky, who urges Europe to ban Russians from entering, rents out his Italian mansion to a Russian couple



Zelensky rents… to the Russians! The news (bizarre but true) that has sparked irony and anger among users

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Posted on 08/31/2022 12:43

Volodymyr Zelensky rents to the Russians. No, it is not a fake news or a joke but a news, true, which in a few hours made the rounds of social networks, unleashing users’ irony. As reported by the Tyrrhenian Sea, in fact, the Ukrainian president’s villa in Forte dei Marmi will be occupied for a while by a couple of Russian citizens who, for work, reside in London. The first photos of the new tenants have already appeared, who could not miss the appointment with the classic selfies.

Since a Russian woman has published some images that portray her in the park of the villa in Vittoria Apuana, the rumor has started to circulate on the net, soon after finding official confirmation. In fact, the lady explained that she did not rent a villa at random, but that of the Ukrainian president Zelensky.

This news has sparked quite a bit of controversy, given that at the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine it was Zelensky himself who made an appeal not to host Russian tourists in Italy and their yachts and luxury goods to be blocked. According to the Tyrrhenian Sea, however, the agency that had the exclusive summer rentals of the luxurious residence, worth four million euros, started and concluded a negotiation with some Korean tourists who were willing to rent it in August for a figure between 50 and 70 thousand euros, but the deal had vanished.

The villa was then leased for the entire month of August to a couple of Russian citizens who reside in London for work. The ownership of the house would be attributable to a company, whose ownership was attributed by a Ukrainian site to President Volodymyr Zelensky and his wife, Olena Zelenska.

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Zelensky is porca putana haha

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I’d like to rent it and shit all over the walls… and then some!


What’s the over/under on the number of tracking devices?



Fuck the Ukraine.


he doesnt care where the money comes from. just keep the ill begotten money$ coming!


That dude is even more fake than Canadas boss is.


Before being President he starred in some small time movies and sitcoms that played in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. Its a job, but not huge money.

Now he has Italian villas to rent out.

Thats shady as fuck.


He had some good showings by the way


Glad to see our taxpayer money is being used to help the peop…, I mean zelensky.


There are Russian people against the war as well out there.

The aid Ukraine and other countries get is more like a gift card that you can only spend in America so it’s beneficial to your economy.

Then it’s worth considering American equipment means Ukraine are buying part’s and ammo for years to come so it’s a good return on your investment.


Russian soldiers are literally shooting each other on purpose so they can go home with full benefits.

Zelensky - America I need your help again. Russians are invading my home please send another $70 billion fast.


That was his old place…his new one will dwarf this shack paid for by US tax dollars.

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Only millions dying from American aid and equipment. What the fuck are you taking about?


Forget who he rents that villa to.

Where the fuck he has the money to buy a villa in Italy. His show was not that popular. I mean million dollar villas in Italy, if you know what I’m saying


Lol @ russia. Dont even try to compare putin to zelensky. Even tho both are faggots, atleast zelensky doesnt murder his political competition. You have a country that is the biggest shithole in the world. Outside of moscow and a couple other major cities your country looks like my country did 300 years ago. No elecricity, no running water etc. Just watch a few travel vlogs from rural russia. You cant even take over a poor shithole neighbouring country that you have 300x the size of. Your leader is worse than kim jong un, the two worst leaders in the world. Congrats!


He just needs 800 billion more.


Literally nothing of this is true.