zen of chu fen do


Will you expound on the piece on your website
on the more esoteric dimension of your system
at some point in the future? As a do or way is this something you believe is an important element of your system? Do you have plans to share your experience in that domain, with students through literature or other means?

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Hmmm, intersting question. I'll likely expand/expound at some point...I have so much written, I'm just trying to find time to edit and make the books happen.

Thanks for the question.



First of all I would like to compliment you for your obvious appreciation of the more philosophical side of Tony's system.

I must admit the first time I read The Zen of Chu Fen Do I didn't really understand it. I thought it was interesting and thought provoking but ended up just intellectualizing about the piece and just leaving it at that...

Sometime later, (perhaps a year or so) I decided to take the plunge and fly to Montreal to see if I could become a member of the PDR Team. As I learned more and more about the system, I found myself being 'awakened', if you will, to many of the Zen and Taoist concepts, (though I want to make it clear that TCMS/Chu Fen is not a religion or some other 'New Age' entity) but it does require that you seek the truth while giving you the 'tools' to take action.

What I have learned from Tony goes far beyond physical confrontations. What Tony has given me and my family is a way to move beyond F.E.A.R. (false expectations appearing real), to evaluate instead of judge, to move beyond EGO and seek weakness in order to overcome it.

What I have learned from Tony is life management. The concepts and principles hold true for any confrontation.

Tony likes to say the first fight is always with yourself...Something to think about.

After all the years I have spent learning about fighting, it took Tony Blauer to show me how to quit beating myself up.

I hope that Tony will one day write the kind of treatise you propose. In the meantime, thanks to Tony, I am finally beginning to understand and more importantly 'live' the concepts and ideas I read about in The Zen of Chu Fen Do long ago.

"Don't tell me, show me."- TCMS Maxim

Sorry if I got a little long winded.

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I could not have said it any better, Mike.

I first was introduced to Tony Blauer's material many years ago, by way of a four hour seminar. At this time I was heavily in to the "MARTIAL" aspect of training and dived right into the research. As I began to purchase more of Tony's videos and participate in more seminars and personal training sessions, I began to realize the effect this had been on my daily life.

My friends and family noticed a more confident and driven person. My professional life started to really explode once I started incorporating TCMS principles into my daily routine. The people around me began giving me more responsibilites and testing my "limits".

Tony always has a unique way of making words and expressions very powerful....way beyond the context of Martial Arts. He always told me that "Mind set was everything". Those four words have created a recipe for what I call my SUCCESS today.

Not only do I have an arsenal for what the streets may throw my way, I also have an arsenal that makes lifes' challenges nothing more than just that..."Challenging".

And all of this spawned from Tony Blauer's research and insight.

Mike can relate heavily to what I am saying. Always look beyond the words and take the message to the next level.

Take care and great post.

PDR Coach,

Robb Finlayson