ZERO takedown defense

with exception to the very experienced wrestlers in the UFC...

i would like to say that the overall takedown defense SUCKS from MANY fighters, Leban for at this moment

they do not how to properly utilize a wizzer..and dont know how to circle away from a single.

i will be more then happy to give a free clinic to these kids

joe mac

if leban knew how to defend against single legs...and knew how to circle away from shots and macdonalds power... he might not have been choked out

i dont like leban..i like that he lost...but his takedown defense is about as good as my 14 year old brothers

joe mac

i guess nobody around here now knows much about take down defense either??

just that nobody wants to hear how much better you are than guys that have actually made it there. let us know once you get your shot.

First of all, it's LebEn. Second of all, you're going to give them a "free clinic"? Who are you again?

i would think the team quest guys would teach it well

apparently not very "humble"

I'm offering free clinics in "keyboard clinch"

Maybe you can be the take down defense coach for TUF 5.

maybe he just doesnt know how to defend properly??

its wrong..whats wrong is wrong...he was the example among many...


quick.. who am i??

somone who knows how to defend takedowns


What about Alves...he stopped all of DeSouza's takedown attempts?

lol at keyboard clinch oh my fuckin god thats funny

i didnt say anything about alves....

alves is my training partner..thus he knows how to defend

joe Joe.

Sorry you really think that they don't train that at Team Quest?

lebens take down defense is pretty solid.. check out a few of his past fights.

Takedown defense is usually sub par in MMA, but then so is a lot of things.

Agreed. A kimura throw is also a great counter to the single leg. I used to do it on guys all the time and it worked pretty much all the time. Just gotta make sure you land on top and don't jack the arm too much after the fact (at least in a wrestling match).