'Zero to Dangerous' DVD?

Is this a good intro to MMA? I have limited boxing and grappling experience, although some and I wanted to get a DVD or tape that would serve as an overview of MMMA, just some basics for starters. Is this a good choice? Or would you have a better recommendation?

TTT for recommendations

Who makes it? Never heard of it.

You have been a member since 01, and have 4000+ posts, and do not know what are some good mma tapes?

dude, i'm thinking about 3/4 of the ppl on here don't train.

Zero to dangerous used to be advertised here all the time. It seems to have been replaced by the fighters notebook DVD though.

Never seen it, but i think it was more takedowns and groundwork than striking. The sample videos seemed like it was pretty good camera quality and teaching.

Email kirik to find out more about it and if he's still selling it.


We are moving Zero to Dangerous to DVD, but it
will be months. Right now it is a 90 minute tape
showing 30 fundamental moves in MMA. There is
info including clips and an index at

This guy on eBay has sold a ton of those as "used", quite sure he's been bootlegging them.

"This guy has sold a ton of those as "used", quite sure he's been bootlegging them:"

Maybe you shouldn't link it then?

There's a guy on Ebay who really pisses me off by selling a ton of bootlegged stuff. Doesn't usually bother me too much but this guy goes over the top, like selling several of Bas's Lethal Streetfighting at the same time. Greedy fucker.

How's that better? ;) I just figured Kirik may want to look into it.

i have it on tape, but havent' watched it yet

Alright, some of you guys have me totally figured out. You're correct. I do not train AT ALL. But I will look into the Furey series, and I thank you for your time.

AntarcticChamp, I don't have the cash-ola for the Sperry series now. I would like to get it in the future but right now am just looking for an overview. I've been spending most of my training time boxing and am simply looking for something supplemental right now. Thanks for the tip.

Kirik, would you say it (Zero to dangerous) serves as a good overview? Or is it so basic that it's not worth it? (I know a bit of sub wrestling, what I am looking for is mostly clinch techniques, takedowns, and striking on the ground/escaping from a striking opponent) Thanks.