Zhang Weili shows her strength

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That’s impressive how little she struggled.

And Francis 293 lbs lol just another sign of that stupid 265 lb HW arbitrary weight cap making the Champion cut weight in the highest division.

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She is smiling and clearly not “struggling” too hard.

Her solid technique does make the lift easier. If she was using a method that is improper, getting him off the ground would be even harder for her.

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Edit. Nevermind

Yeah it’s not that impressive. That high crotch lift is about as easy it’s gets on a willing opponent.


LOL at all you jabronis thinking that this was about wrestling.

She’s after Ngannou’s hog. I’ll bet she touched it there.


Sn matches up


After she takes the belt off Esparza, it’s time for Sean Shelby to set up Zhang vs. Ngannou.

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One of my favourite UFC moments was Joanna Champion popping her head back at will.

It’s a fucking enigma how JJ was able to highlight reel KO Esparza, while Esparza is some kind of kryptonite that has Just Rose all tied up in knots.

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JJ isn’t the same fighter that KO’d her. Rose fought like shit. The division is paper thin (but is still the deepest women’s division).

Also I want to watch Francis and Zhangweili fuck

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There’s no way he can fit inside her

She can fit him in him


Imagine you walk around at like 220, and don’t want to be a weight cut cheater. You’re in division with guys cutting from 295 lbs, or more in case of Hunt.

Yeah it is a lot and it is what separates the men from the boys. I think MAYBE they could add a Cruiserweight Division but 100% they should remove the arbitrary HW Limit. I have always been of the belief that if the HW Champion wants to make the claim they are the best and true Champion of the World… that they should take on all comers. Period. Regardless of weight.

Boxing has no HW Cap
K1 had no HW Cap
PRIDE had no HW Cap
Early UFC had no Cap

This 265 lb weight Cap that makes Champions like Francis and Brock cut is so stupid to me. I know there aren’t a ton like them but if you are the HW Champ then fight anyone in the world. Don’t deplete them to 265 lbs and give us a drained version of Elite fighters. Doesn’t benefit anyone. Tyson Fury the Boxing HW Champ has weighed in as high 277 in competition weight. Based on the Current Cap he would not be allowed to even compete without cutting weight. Makes no sense to me.

After Brock grabbed the cage against Couture, I was behind the 235-240 HW limit, and adding a SHW unlimited div. I get the argument that there aren’t many of the NFL, or NBA, caliber athlete who are willing and able to compete, but as MMA grows, there will be the 6’9" superfreaks who can run a 4.35 40 at 290 lbs. It’ll be very obvious that ≤ 245 guys who give up a speed, weight, height, and reach, advantage on them shouldn’t be in there.

I know this isn’t very popular, but if you start considering the 4s and 5s in NBA, and the DL in NFL, they’d warrant their own division if/when they’re willing and able to compete in MMA.

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I used to work with a chap in the navy.

Fat cunt.

Anyways my class used to have mess fighting, sort of like pancrase, it was for boredom but we took it seriously.

As we know I’m 5"6 135 of pure destruction I’m not exactly Brock Lesnar.

But I picked that fucker up one time and I surprised even myself.

Never picked anyone up since