Ziggler vs ADR

This concussion story they are following is going a bit far IMHO.

They could have had this match go a different way Phone Post 3.0

I see it as just trying to extend the feud. Everyone knows that Ziggler is a top worker in the company. Phone Post 3.0

they are extending to be able to do the initially planned story with swaggs adr and ziggs that got delayed due to injuries Phone Post

Vu all around. I am still pissed my man lost.

When will they learn?……who am I kidding? They will never learn.

Cash in the case, win the belt, get hurt go out for a month, and lose the belt first match back. What kind of bs is that? Phone Post 3.0

I think it will help Ziggler in the long run. Felt like a double turn on the horizon for both of them. Phone Post 3.0

Felt double turn also. The commentators where even showing sympathy for ziggs. Am ADR looked like a total ass. Phone Post

The only way I'm okay with Ziggler being face is if he does't change his character. Mr. Perfect was a face for awhile right? And he still had a perfect cocky attitude right?

I hate that he lost but I love way he lost idk I felt some off that attitude era for that match Phone Post